Who is Inkblot Graphic Design?

Hello, I’m Emily Mikaere and I am the owner/designer behind Inkblot, A freelance graphic design & custom stationery studio. With 14 years of industry experience I am an experienced designer, perfect to execute your next graphics job. Over the years I’ve built up a reputation for producing original and professional design work.  I have worked in the U.S. and in New Zealand on projects ranging from everywhere from logo design, vehicle and outdoor signage, book cover and magazine layout to fabric design. My design career started at the University of Wisconsin where I received a BA in Art and Advertising. In 2010 I completed my Masters Degree in Computer Graphic Design with a joint degree from the University of Waikato and the Whanganui School of Design.

Visit the Design Services page for a full list of my freelance graphic design services. As a small boutique business, we are able to keep costs low which means you benefit with competitive and affordable rates.

How we got here…

The beginning of Inkblot Design was created by my husband Sam and I, shortly after the birth of our first baby in 2008.  With a newly found interest in the baby market and looking for a creative outlet while working out of our home. I was inspired to create a website that offered our customers unique, high-quality photo cards to announce the arrival of their new ones. 4 years on in 2012,  we had expanded our card collection and our client base, but we also added 2 more children, 2 master degrees and two demanding full time gigs.. so as the story goes Inkblot was sadly put on the back burner…until now!

With two our oldest at school, and a good grip on family life, we are ready to boot up Inkblot again. My how digital world has changed in 9 years..blogging, pinning, gramming! I have decided to move Inkblot in the direction of freelancing, which opens the doors for me to be able to work on a wide variety of projects.  Printed personalised cards is where Inkblot got its start, and although we are in the digital age, certain events (i.e. weddings, babies, milestone birthday’s) in our lives deserve a bit more than Facebook event invite.

Say Hello

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can have a chat about your next creative project. I can be reached fastest through email, Emily@inkblotdesign.co.nz. Emails are typically returned within 24 hours. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, you may find it on our FAQ page.